Taekwondo For Kids!

Taekwondo has both sporting and self defence aspects. Participating in this activity may increase balance, flexibility, stamina, strength and posture.

Taekwondo mastery requires repetition of kicks and punches over a period of time. Techniques are gradually introduced and all are required to repeat the techniques for several sessions. Having different belt level students will not undermine the quality of the training.  On the contrary, it will offer the perfect opportunity for students of all ages to build friendships, mentor and to participate together.

This two month program will work on the following:

  • Basic Korean numbers and phrases
  • Basic stances
  • Basic punching techniques
  • Basic blocking techniques
  • Basic kicking techniques
  • Basic pad techniques
Sessions will begin with two free try me lessons on 25 & 27 February 2019.

Ages 6 - 16

Just $60+GST for CRA members, $120 for non-CRA members.

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