A Managers Guide to Communicating Unpopular Decisions & Changes

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You can’t avoid making unpopular decisions, but you can learn to communicate them effectively.

Nobody likes to be the bad guy. It’s human nature to want to make those around you happy, including your employees. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to make decisions that aren’t popular.

If you hate making decisions that are not well-liked, if you hesitate to deliver bad news, if you’re unsure how to communicate unpopular changes to your team, then you won’t want to miss 'A Manager’s Guide to Communicating Unpopular Decisions & Changes'. In just one hour, you’ll get the strategies you need to communicate changes and decisions with openness and honesty, and most importantly, ensure you get employee buy-in, getting the results you need!

It’s your responsibility as a manager to make tough, sometimes unpopular decisions.

Sometimes you can’t avoid making decisions that your employees won’t like. On the flip side, if you want to be successful as a manager, you can’t afford to alienate your team. You need to walk a delicate line, one that’s best served by maintaining openness and honesty. But how do you find that line?

Sign up for this fast-paced webinar, and learn techniques to handle breaking tough news to your team, clearly explaining why you chose this course of action, and dealing with negative employee responses. By getting your team on board with your decisions, you’ll create better working relationships and a more productive staff.

Get the skills you need to communicate unpopular decisions effectively.

More than anything else, you need to be a boss that your employees can trust. In this Conference you’ll learn tips and techniques for maintaining working relationships and honestly conveying tough decisions and changes. This will help encourage employee loyalty and overall worker happiness, making your organization more efficient and productive.

If you’re in management, this is one seminar you can’t afford to miss. Don’t wait, sign up for 'A Manager’s Guide to Communicating Unpopular Decisions & Changes' today!

Your Webinar Agenda Includes:
  • Dealing with negative employee responses;
  • Ways to communicate your decisions honestly and openly;
  • Managing conflicting emotions about your decisions;
  • Maintaining your credibility;
  • Persuading your team that this is the best course of action;
  • Handling difficult situations with grace and poise;
  • Learning from past mistakes;
  • Using tough situations to improve overall employee-manager relationships;
  • Strategies for facing hostile reactions with confidence.