Communicating with Highly Sensitive People

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Some people feel emotions and sensations more intensely. Bright lights, loud noises or last-minute changes can put them on edge. Negative feedback delivered in an offhand, direct way can feel rude and hurtful to them. When this sensitive person is someone you work with, you’re torn.

Ignoring the sensitivity means these individuals are stressed-out and unhappy. Tiptoeing around issues limits their growth, hurts team collaboration and throws off productivity. Find ways to work well with the capable and diligent workers around you who are among the estimated 20 percent of people with high sensitivity. Gently get your point across and build stronger relationships. Register now for a one-hour Webinar that’ll encourage free-flowing communication, preserved feelings ... and progress.

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of finding out more about the sensitivity triggers for these individuals;
  • Minimize hurt feelings by considering what NOT to say;
  • Understand where you fall on the sensitivity spectrum and how this affects your interactions;
  • How managers can evaluate the work environment to ensure it works for everyone;
  • Communication tweaks that let you constructively criticize or disagree without leaving highly sensitive people feeling attacked;
  • Identify and capitalize on sensitive people’s strengths and ask them to be your sounding board when you have to address change or ignite creativity;
  • Develop an action plan for sensitive employees that lets them take control of their workday.