Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills
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Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills Call Kerry (403.544.5567) to arrange your personal viewing of this Webinar!

Challenges are part of every job. Overcoming them … is part of your job.

When a problem crops up at work, you scramble for possible solutions. You feel pressured, uncertain, anxious. Are you considering all your options? Are you overlooking anything? And thinking about the consequences of a wrong move only adds to the stress.

So, how can you feel more comfortable with your decision making? How can you approach work problems in a more thorough, yet decisive way? Register now for our one-hour Webinar, 'Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills'. This training introduces you to true critical thinking. It explores thinking barriers and gives you advice for coming up with fresh and innovative ideas that solve problems every time. It sets you on your way to becoming a master decision maker!

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:
  • What makes excellent critical thinking;
  • Typical barriers to critical thinking and how to overcome them;
  • 3 basic ground rules for making stronger decisions;
  • How to identify your critical thinking style;
  • Tips for evaluating risk so you make the right decision every time;
  • Pitfalls of problem solving and steps for avoiding them.