Dealing with Toxic Employees: Eliminating Bad Behaviour

Dealing with Toxic Employees: Eliminating Bad Behaviour Free Morning Webinar

Tuesday 15 October, 2019, 10:00-11:00 AM (please arrive by 9:50 AM) 
MFRC Annex (Building R34, Ralston, adjacent to the Wood Hobby Shop)

One negative employee can cut a team’s performance by 20%, 30%, even 40%! There’s tension, drama, hostility...all completely unproductive. A backstabbing shot at a meeting, the promise not kept, withheld information...all toxic behaviors that could spread and undermine productivity or hurt your reputation.

In one hour, this information-packed Webinar will arm you with strategies to turn things around...defuse these venomous individuals before they poison the entire work environment. Register today for Dealing With Toxic Employees: Eliminating Bad Behavior.

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

  • Identify passive-aggressive behavior for what it is—not what it pretends to be;
  • Control your emotions: Don’t answer passive-aggression with aggression;
  • Set clear expectations that reduce the “I didn’t know” wiggle room;
  • Ask about the unacknowledged anger and pierce the passive innocent stare or deflect the defensive aggression;
  • Use humor to shine light on toxic, sneaky conduct;
  • Identify specific strategies for different forms of toxic behavior;
  • Allow for honesty: Make sure employees aren’t behaving in a passive-aggressive manner out of fear about voicing concerns.
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