Interviewing for Emotional Intelligence

Interviewing for Emotional Intelligence Improving your hires: free webinar

Wednesday 18 September
1500-1600 hrs
MFRC Annex

It doesn’t matter how smart new employees are; if they lack the ability to effectively handle stress, manage their emotions, or resolve conflict, they will fail. And all that time and money you spent to hire and train them is wasted.

That’s why evaluating your applicants’ emotional intelligence during the hiring process is so important.

But which emotional skills make for the best hires? And what’s the best way to evaluate those skills prior to hiring? That’s where this brand-new webinar comes in.

Discover how to factor emotional intelligence into your hiring process and increase your chances of hiring the best candidate possible!

In just one hour, you’ll gain a better understanding of how emotional intelligence enhances job performance and which emotional skills you should be looking for. You’ll also learn the best questions to ask, and how to analyze and interpret the responses you get so you can quickly pinpoint the applicants who have the highest level of emotional intelligence and the best chance of succeeding at the job.

Don’t risk wasting another minute or dollar hiring an employee with poor emotional skills. This training will help you make better hiring decisions — guaranteed! Sign up today!

A Glimpse at Your Agenda ...
  • Identifying and applying the five general areas of emotional intelligence
  • How to choose the candidate most likely to work well their coworkers
  • How to develop interview questions that include emotional intelligence
  • The impact emotional intelligence has on your organization
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