Sports Stores (Equipment Rentals)
Due to COVID-19 Sports Stores is temporarily closed. Please see our current programs at "PSP Schedules" under the "Facilities" tab.

Equipment Rentals Need to borrow some equipment or gear?

All local CAF members and members of the Community Recreation Association are eligible to borrow certain gear and equipment in our Sports Stores. The Stores also provides dry-sanitizing of sports gear by use of a Sani-Sport disinfecting machine. The cost is $20/set.
Hours of Operation
Monday,Wednesday, Friday (Walk-in)
0900-1130 hrs   
Tues & Thursday (by appointment only)

Services may be available outside these hours by appointment with:

Fitness & Sports Coordinator (local extension 5571)
Fitness & Sports Instructors (local extension 5520)

Gear and equipment available for loan (partial list):

- mountain bikes
- canoes
- kayaks
- paddle boards
- hockey clothing and gear
- softball/baseball gear
- basketballs