Health promotion

Health Promotion Webinars

Physical distancing presents challenges to all aspects of our life. Snacks, meals, stress, communication can all become issues when we're all under the same roof - or when we're all alone. Your CAF Health Promotion Team has put together a series of Webinars to help you stay healthy in this unfamiliar reality. We encourage you to log on to any of these workshops: 


Fri 03 July

Topic: Dépendances: Les médicaments légaux - ces choses dont on parle moins souvent
This is session 3 of 3 on the Dépendances series. Sessions are presented every Friday at 1000 EDT for 3 weeks.
Time: 1000 EDT
Facilitator: Sabrina Turgeon
Language: fr

Mon 06 July

Topic: So Sleep...How to get your Zzzz's
Time: 1200 EDT
Facilitator: Charissa McKay
Language: En


Tues 07 July

Topic: Healthy Lifestyle: Nutrition Throughout your Life
This is session 1 of 3 in the Healthy Lifestyle series. Sessions are presented every Tuesday at 0900 EDT for 3 weeks
Time:0900 EDT
Facilitator: Brayden Lisiecki and Jessica Hood
Language: En

Topic: Appetite for Change - New Beginnings
This is session 6 of 6 in the Appetite for Change series. Sessions are presented every Tuesday at 1200 EDT for 6 weeks.
Time: 1200 EDT
Facilitator: Heather Gareau-Miller and Charissa McKay
Language: En

Wed 08 July

Sujet: Sommeil et performance
Heure: 1000 HAE
Animateur / Animatrice: Carl Coicou
Langue: fr

Topic: Getting Race Ready (Preparing for the Army Run & Navy Bike Ride) - Equipment to Get You Safely There
This is session 5 of 14 in the Getting Race Ready series. Sessions are presented every Wednesday at 1500 EDT for 14 weeks
Time: 1500 EDT
Facilitator: Diane Brine
Language: En