Deployment Support

Deployment, Absence, and Reintegration Services


Family Separation & Reunion Supporting families whenever they're apart

Canadian Armed Forces members (regular or reserve) may be required to work away from their families, often for great lengths of time and under very challenging circumstances. This includes not just overseas deployments, but also Temporary Duty, Special Tasking, Field Exercises, Restricted Postings, or courses. We recognize that much of the strength that helps the CAF member be successful is the support of their family, who are also making great sacrifices and coping with challenging circumstances on the home front. We are here to support and appreciate the incredible efforts that military families make, and to try and make some of the challenges you are facing a little easier.

At the Toronto MFRC we strive to keep you well-informed and connected in a variety of ways – with your deployed loved one, with friends (old and new), with the military and with your community. We are able to offer resources and services to assist before, during and after any deployment or separation.
Who do we Support?

Anyone that the member defines as family; spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, siblings, parents, kids and grandparents. Often family members live in a different geographic location to that of the military member. Therefore families may access support from the MFRC closest to them. The Toronto MFRC supports families living in the Greater Toronto Area, even when the member is posted elsewhere.

What is Reunion?

Reunion is the return home after deployment or separation. It is an event. Research by the American Red Cross shows that reunion can be more stressful for military families than the deployment! It is often the most anticipated and thought about phase of the deployment; but the least prepared for. The Toronto MFRC offers information, programs and services prior to and during reunion to help you prepare for and cope with this stage of the deployment process.
What is Reintegration?

Reintegration is a process that occurs around 6-12 weeks after reunion. It is the period in which the returning military member and family settle back into life post deployment. Feelings of stability return and new routines are established. The Toronto MFRC provides information and services to family members during the reintegration process for up to two years following separation.