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Morale Mail Parcel Services: Domestic and Overseas Deployments

Mailing Packages Overseas

Sending packages can be a wonderful way to keep in touch with loved ones serving overseas. We’ve provided step by step instructions, but don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions. Follow this link to find instructions and mailing addresses by Operation. 

Step 1
Ask your military member for their mailing address! They will know the best place to send mail to them. Packages will not be shipped if they are missing this information. In most cases, it will be formatted like this:

PO BOX ####
(this varies depending on the operation)
Belleville, ON  K8N 5W6

For more information on how to address your package to a specific operation, click here.
Step 2
Overseas packages must include:
  • The address from Step 1
  • Your return address in the top left corner
  • An International Customs Form(CP72), which can be picked up from your local Canada Post outlet or the TMFRC. It should include the address from Step 1, an accurate list of contents, the estimated cost of the items, and your name, address and signature
Step 3
Bring your package to your local post office (you will have to pay to ship it) OR drop it at a local armoury or the Toronto MFRC (Free shipping from these locations!). Please contact us to find the location nearest you!

When preparing a package, here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Plan in Advance for special occasions!
  • Parcels must be addressed & labelled properly, and must bear the address of the sender in the top left corner.  The Canada Customs Form alone is not sufficient for labelling.
  • Ensure that the parcel is wrapped properly and securely and use packing tape. Do not use string to bind the parcel.
  • The maximum permitted weight is 18 kilograms (40 pounds). The length, width or depth of the parcel must not exceed 60 centimetres and combined measurement of length plus width plus girth must not exceed 180 centimetres.
  • No article may be sent by mail if their nature or packaging may expose postal employees to hazards, or damage other items of mail.
Mailing the following items is strictly prohibited:
  • alcohol, beer and wine;
  • explosives, radioactive materials or ammunition;
  • matches;
  • flammable liquids or solids;
  • compressed gas;
  • propane cigarette lighters;
  • corrosive fluids
  • obscene magazines or pictures;
  • batteries;
  • drugs; 
  • perishable items;
  • hand sanitizer.
Parcels sent using the Toronto MFRC free mail program will not be insured. Please do not send valuables or irreplaceable items. The Toronto MFRC is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

Ways the general public can support the troops

Write to the troops

Unfortunately we cannot accept ANY parcels that do not have the full name, rank, service number and address of a Canadian Forces member currently serving overseas or packages that are intended for Humanitarian needs. Neither can we provide members of the community with this information (as per the Toronto Military Family Resource Centre’s confidentiality agreement). This is in accordance with the guidelines set by the Department of National Defence.

The troops overseas have been overwhelmed with the support that is coming from individuals and companies across Canada. Because the mission re-supply is designed to move operational and operation support equipment, donated goods (which do not qualify as such) can only be moved when space is available. Such space is extremely limited and its use requires extensive coordination in order to keep it under control.

The staff of the Toronto Military Family Resource Centre request that everyone adhere to this request and support our troops in other ways. Our concern is for the well-being of military members and their families and we want to ensure that it is those care packages that get priority on the mission re-supplies.

You can also support the troops in other ways like wearing red on Fridays, purchasing and displaying “Support Our Troops” merchandise or making a donation. For a full explanation and other ways to support the troops visit the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services website.