Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What is the Veteran Family Program?
The Veteran Family Program supports the unique transitioning needs of medically releasing CAF members, medically released Veterans and their families. Funded by Veterans Affairs Canada the program is delivered through 32 Military Family Resource Centres across Canada.

Q2 How can the Veteran Family Program help?
VFP Transition Programs can help families journey from military to post-service life by supporting the health and well-being of families during this time. Services include:

VFP Transition Programs
  • Operational Stress Injury Resource for Caregivers
  • Mental Health First Aid for the Veteran Community
  • COPE:  Couples Overcoming PTSD Everyday
  • Veteran Family Journal
  • Shifting Gears
Access to Veteran Family Program Coordinator who can:
  • Help identify family needs
  • Assist in referral to community programs and services
  • Develop family care plan
Q3 How do families apply for the Veteran Family Program?
There is no application required. 

Q4 Where can I access the Veteran Family Program?
  • Walk-In: Military Family Resource Centres
  • Online: This national website that ensures access to resources anywhere, anytime for the military family community. It can help you find the Military Family Resource Centre nearest you and lists the resources available through the Veteran Family Program.
  • Call: 1-800-866-4546. The 24/7 Family Information Line is a confidential, bilingual service offering information, support, referrals and crisis management. Trained counsellors can help you and your family with a variety of national and local services and provide guidance and resources to various service providers who support the military community.
Q5 What are the Military Family Resource Centres?
Military Family Resource Centres are arm's-length, independent not-for-profit organizations that provide a range of support services to Canadian Armed Forces members and their families. Military Family Resource Centres have 32 locations across Canada.
Services include:
  • transition programs
  • referral services
  • intervention support
  • advocacy
Military Family Resource Centres provide programs and services that empower and encourage strong, independent individuals and families, and serve as the hubs of military communities.

Q6 Are all Military Family Resource Centres included in the Veteran Family Program? Can I start going now?
Yes, all 32 Military Family Resource Centres are included in the Veteran Family Program. Medically releasing CAF members and Veterans medically released, as well as their families, have unlimited access to the Veteran Family Program.

Q7 What to expect when you visit an MFRC
You be connected with a Veteran Family Program Coordinator (VFPC). Each eligible family has unique needs. The job of the VFPC is to help you find the right programs and services for your needs, whether it is information about local community groups, transition programs, referrals or intervention support to ease the transition of families from military to post-service life.

Q8 I would like to benefit from the Veteran Family Program, but I live far away from a Military Family Resource Centre. Can I access assistance remotely? Would Veterans Affairs Canada pay for my travel to visit a MFRC?

 The Veteran Family Program may be accessed via: Veterans Affairs Canada does NOT cover the cost of travel to and from MFRCs. 

Q9 What is is a website that connects Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans and their families with their local Military Family Resource Centre. It is being continuously updated with current information on resources, programs and services in your area.

Q10 What is the Family Information Line?
The Family Information Line is a 24-hour bilingual line where trained counsellors can offer information support, referrals, reassurance and crisis management.

Q11 Is there a time limit for my family and me to access a programs and services through the Veteran Family Program?
There is no time limit for medically releasing CAF members and Veterans.

Q12 Can Reservists and their families access the Veteran Family Program?
Yes, provided that the Reservist is medically-releasing or has been medically-released.

Q13 If a medically-released Veteran who is already using programs and services offered through the Veteran Family Program dies, can the Veteran's family continue to access the Veteran Family Program?

Q14 How much is the Veteran Family Program expansion costing Veterans Affairs Canada?
The expansion of the Veteran Family Program from the seven original pilot sites to 32 Military Family Resource Centres across the country represents a commitment of $147 million over six years to Veterans and their families.