CAF Transition Group

The new Transition Group of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF TG) has a mandate to support all members with professional services as they transition from active duty to post-military life.  They will work in close collaboration with numerous partners to support all CAF members and their family to prepare for and, at the appropriate time, complete a seamless and successful transition.

With the stand-up of the CAF TG, the former regional Joint Personnel Support Units (JPSU) and Integrated Personnel Support Centres (IPSC) have  become Canadian Armed Forces Transition Units and Transition Centres (CAF TU and CAF TC), respectively.

Once fully established, the CAF TG will provide fully professional, personalized, and standardized transition services aligned across the CAF, VAC and other supporting agencies to all CAF members, Veterans, and their families, with special care and attention provided to those who are ill or injured. Ultimately, all CAF members and their families will have confidence that the CAF is focussed on their well-being, and that they are informed, prepared, and empowered as they navigate toward their life after service.

For more information and specific links regarding your transition, please visit

My Transition Guide: Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life
This guide is the first step towards providing comprehensive guidance for transitioning members