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Calian Military Family Doctor Network Improving access to family physicians for families of serving Canadian Armed Forces members

ThBGen Eldaoud at MFDN Launche Toronto MFRC is thrilled to be able to connect our families in need of a family physician with the Calian Military Family Doctor Network.

Started initially with the MFRC in Winnipeg in July 2015, and launched nationally here at the Toronto MFRC in January 2016, the Calian Military Family Doctor Network provides military families with access to a network of physicians in order to reduce the significant number of military families without a family doctor due to frequent relocation.

Toronto Military Family Doctor Network Brochure

How Do I Sign Up for the Program?
To access the program simply obtain and complete a referral form by:

1. Visiting your Military Family Resource Centre;
2. Contacting Calian’s Primacy team at 1-877-633-7722 x550; or,
3. Downloading the Toronto Military Family Doctor Network Registration Form.

What should I expect?
A representative from Calian's Primacy team will be in touch to review your requirements and work with you to help you find a family physician.

Who is eligible for the program?
Canadian Armed Forces family members who are not eligible for medical services from the Department of National Defence and who live in the Greater Toronto Area are encouraged to apply.

Where can I find a physician in the meantime?
While you wait for a family physician we invite you to visit one of Calian's urgent care walk-in clinics listed in the brochure.