Nutrition Resources

Nutrition Resources

Nutrition Resources Reputable Nutrition Resources

The Strengthening the Forces (STF) health promotion program provides CAF leaders and personnel with the information, skills and tools necessary to promote and improve their health and well-being.

The Health Promotion Delivery personnel on Bases and Wings across Canada offer Nutritional Wellness programs which include adult-based courses.

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Nutrition for optimal performance? Then take Top Fuel for Top Performance. Learn to choose the amount and type of fluid and food needed to provide adequate essential nutrients, reduce risk for disease and balance energy requirements according to activity requirements.

Weight management advice? Then take Weight Wellness Lifestyle Program. Learn lifestyle changes to behaviours regarding eating habits and activity patterns for safe, effective and permanent weight control.

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Members who wish to have further dietary counseling can ask for a referral from their MO to consult with a Registered Dietitian. CAF members have access to an out-patient dietary counselor (5 appointments), when prescribed by the attending physician.

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Why consult with a Registered Dietitian?
Dietitians, just like engineers and medical doctors, are accountable to provincial regulatory bodies for their professional conduct and the services they provide. Look for the title registered dietitian or dietitian and the inititals RD or P.Dt .  In most provinces (except Alberta, Quebec and Nova Scotia), 'Nutritionist' is not a protected title, which means anyone can use it.

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Other reputable sources of nutrition information:

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