CANSail 1/2
On completion of CANSail 1/2 (formerly White Sail Level III), the beginner will be able to sail competently and with confidence in wind speeds of 4-9 knots (8-16 km/hr) and perform the following skills proficiently without supervision:

a) describe safety considerations when sailing;
b) identify and describe the use of the important items in a sailboat and parts of the sail;
c) describe how to sail away from and back to a beach, dock or a mooring;
d) describe (with diagrams) the Rules of the Road for prevention of collision at sea;
e) without instructor direction, act as a skipper while sailing and crewing a boat;
f) demonstrate the actions to be taken if a sailor falls overboard;
g) without instructor direction or assistance, right a turtled boat and continue sailing; and
h) act as skipper and crew.

  • Serial 1 - Date 2019 TBC. 
  • Serial 2 - Date 2019 TBC.  
  • Serial 3 - Date 2019 TBC.  

Basic Cruising Course
On completion of the Basic Cruising Course, the candidate will be able to cruise safely in familiar waters as both skipper and crew of a sloop rigged keelboat of 6 to 10 meters in moderate wind and sea conditions by day.  The candidate must be able to:

a) list the important parts of the sailboat;
b) list from memory the required items for the candidate's boat;
c) describe safety considerations when sailing;
d) apply the Collision Regulations;
e) describe local weather hazards;
f) list the main responsibilities of the skipper and crew;
g) use charts and aids for navigation;
h) describe the immediate action to be taken for emergencies;
i) operate an auxiliary on vesse; and
j) act as skipper and crew.
  • Serial 1 - Date 2019 TBC. 
  • Serial 2 - Date 2019 TBC. 
  • Serial 3 - Date 2019 TBC. 
  • Serial 4 - Date 2019 TBC. 
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