Scuba Toronto Garrison Scuba Club

Welcome to the Toronto Garrison Scuba Club. Unlike other CAF clubs, we do not have a permanent home embedded at a local pool facility. However, our commitment is to create opportunities for weekend trips to several Ontario dive locations. We certify primarily through NAUI and our instructor provides a formal and affordable certification for the Basic Open Water Dive course. We provide a number of dive services including gear rentals and free air fills during courses.
Regular Membership - $50 + HST 
Canadian Forces Members currently serving, Regular or Reserve;
Members of Foreign Military currently serving with the CAF and their families;
Veterans (Former members of the CAF who have successfully completed BMQ and have been honorably discharged) and their families.
Ordinary Membership - $50 + HST
Current DND Public Servant, NPF Staff, MFRC Staff, DRDC Staff, DCC Staff, and their families;
Serving and former RCMP and their families;
Currently serving Honorary Colonel / Captain (N) and Honorary Lieutenant; Colonel / Commanders and their families;
Former DND Public Servant and their families, Former NPF Staff receiving a pension and their families.
Associate Membership - $50 + HST
All others who are invited to become members;
Must have membership endorsed by a member of the Executive, either by e-mail or signature.
Membership fees are charged on an annual basis.
All applicants must be eligible to become a member of the Toronto Garrison Recreation Association.

Scuba Course 2019: (PDF)

Registration Form: (PDF)

Scuba Club Information (PDF)

Gear Rental Pricing (PDF)

For more information, please contact WO/Adj Nicole Coutier -