Emergency Child Care

Emergency Child Care


Emergency & Respite Child Care Plan "B" to your Family Care Plan

The modern military family faces challenges that are not found in many other home or work environments. Canadian Armed Forces members work a more diverse schedule, typically longer than the normal eight hour day. Frequent relocation and deployment is a reality for many CAF families causing disruptions to the home and routine.

The Military Family Services Program's Emergency Child Care Policy provides families with support by facilitating their short-term emergency child care requirements. The resilience of the CAF family is enriched through support during uniquely challenging conditions of the modern military family life as it relates to child care.

The ECC policy supports the modern military family in the following circumstances:
  1. When CAF personnel are required to report for duty on short notice or are absent due to a military-related tasking, and neither their primary nor secondary child caregiver as identified in their Family Care Plan (FCP) is available to care for their children;
  2. When CAF personnel are absent due to a military-related tasking (including the pre- and post-deployment phases), and the family requires a period of respite from child care responsibilities for continued health and well-being;
  3. When CAF personnel require short-term temporary child care in order to secure essential necessities (e.g. search for housing and employment, etc.) when newly posted, up to a maximum of 3 months after posting;
  4. When CAF personnel or any of their family (including dependents of single serving members) are seriously ill/injured and participation at medical, mental health or social support service appointments is required, or respite from child care is necessary to aid in their recuperation; or
  5. When CAF personnel or any of their family (including dependents of single serving members) have died and the family needs support through the repatriation, funeral and bereavement process.
If you need emergency child care:

Between 8:30 AM & 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday:
Please call Colleen at 416-633-6200 Ext 4312.

On weekends and after-hours:
Please email emergencychildcare@torontomfrc.ca .