Kids and Deployment Deployments and separations are hard on kids too

The Toronto MFRC has a wealth of information and resources available to help you support your child through a deployment. Our information is age specific from birth through to adolescence. Maybe you are worried that your child’s school will not understand what your family is going thorough? Why not give them our ‘Educators Guide to Deployment’. For more information or to request a Kids Deployment Package please contact Judy Sebastian.

Would you like your child to connect with other military kids during a deployment? Check out the programs available under Children & Youth and come join in.

Unplanned events can occur during a prolonged separation, and we recognize that this means that someone else may need to watch your little ones for a time. If you require Emergency or Respite Child Care, the Toronto MFRC is ready to assist you with trusted and reliable assistance.

Other Useful Links: 
  • Sesame Street Website: Downloadable videos for children and adults relating to deployment.
  • Zero to Three: Information for Parents with children, section for military families experiencing separation.
  • Daddy Dolls: Create a custom “doll” for your child including a full length picture and recordable message from the parent or caregiver that you are replicating. Mommy dolls are available too! Also available are: personalized blankets, pillows and dog tags, voice recorders, deployment buddies (stuffed animals), welcome home gear, photo puzzles and gift certificates.