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Message from the Chair:
Welcome to November! 

November, of course, brings a time of important commemoration for everyone, but even moreso for those of us with a military adjacency. Remembrance Day is an often trying and emotional time as we reflect on and explore our feelings during the Veteran's Week events.

There have been millions of thought pieces written about Remembrance by people far more learned and eloquent than I, so I won't attempt to compete. We all recognize the significance, the impact, of what we commemorate this month, and the incredible legacy of the events and people we celebrate and remember on November 11th. 

What we, at the Centre, acknowledge, is that the lead up to, the day of, and the denouement following, Remembrance Day can be a highly stressful, emotion-ridden and painful time. Even if there is no personal experience of loss, the very nature of what the day commemorates, and the consideration and reflection of remembrance, forces us to confront our greatest fears, worries, and insecurities around the realities of the military way of life and our experience with it. Further, our deep-felt empathy with all military members and families can make us vulnerable to the great emotions that arise during this time. 

We are personally aware of the sacrifices and challenges faced by members and families. We feel the deep bonds of fraternity, and strong familial ties that run through our community. We are often more strongly tied to the historical and regimental military events that have shaped our world, and are cognizant of the impacts of those events, and the legacy our community carries forward. We are sensitive of the great sense of responsibility that is laid at the feet of our servicemen and women today, and, while this can all instill a strong sense of pride and patriotism, it can also cause great sadness, cultivate anxiety, or resurface other difficult feelings from your own military family journey.

The videos, photos, music and gatherings of Remembrance are all created to evoke an emotional response, and necessarily focus on the tragedies and horrors of historical combat and engagement, and the sacrifices made during Canada's, and the World's, martial history. For non-military families, it is a poignant commemoration. With our already empathetic understanding of the unique military experience, and with our vulnerabilities, we can be more exposed to the strong emotionality of the events and it resonates in a different, perhaps deeper, manner. It can be an exhausting gauntlet to run, as we are daily exposed to, and forced to face, our feelings around remembrance, sacrifice, service, and the actualities of military life. 

Similarly, as the day finishes, and public focus immediately shifts to the next holiday or event, we can sometimes feel a great sense of anger or loss or frustration that it is so quickly recovered from, when we are experiencing emotions that cannot be so easily shaken.

We want you to know that we are here to support and help you through this emotional, potentially stressful and difficult experience. We are here to mourn with you, to listen, to share stories, to reflect, to provide a safe space for your catharsis. We are here to celebrate and commemorate with you in an environment of trust, understanding, and security. 

As we pay our utmost respects to those who laid the foundations, we also proudly recognize the members who continue Canada's reputation of Peacekeeping and Service before Self, and remember and celebrate you, the military families, who enable the strength and resilience of our Forces. 

Lest We Forget.

Chair of the Board of Directors
November 2019

What We Do

The Toronto MFRC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, with a mandate of majority military family member representation, which reports through a governance and oversight structure to the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services Branch (CFMWS) through Military Family Services (MFS).

Board members are elected by the Community. We assess local needs, in order to avoid duplication of community services and resources, while determining priorities, providing leadership, and ensuring the mandated delivery of the national Military Family Services Program. The Board of Directors provides governance and oversight through the lens of proper support for our families, helping the Executive Director in setting strategic direction and guiding implementation of activities and programming.  


Please note that the Board is presently at capacity with all Executive and Director spaces filled. 

However, we still welcome new members who may wish to fulfil non-Director Associate roles by sitting on committees. Are you a passionate advocate for military and veteran families? Do you want to help the TMFRC improve our offerings and meet our goals? Consider joining one of these Committees.

We meet the third Wednesday of each month, at 6:00 pm, at the Centre. 
Unable to attend in person? We can accommodate you via phone/web!

Interested members may email the Board Chair at

Chair: Marsali Federico
Vice Chair: Emily Callaghan
Treasurer: Ann Ward
Secretary: To be elected in October

Marilyn Daniel-Awong
Marilyn Lawson-Dickinson
Simon Wells
Nicholas Mouchet

Ex-Officio Members
Executive Director, Toronto MFRC
Carolyn Clark

Commanding Officer's Representative​, representing the CO, 4 CDSG Personnel Support Services
Captain Kevin Brady, 4th Canadian Division Support Group Garrison Toronto

Other Local Unit Representatives
LCol Anthony Robb, 4th Canadian Divison Headquarters
Lieutenant Cameron Rose, 32 Canadian Brigade Group
Master Corporal Patricia Coulas, Canadian Forces Environmental Medicine Establishment
Vacant, Canadian Forces College