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MFRC Board of Directors


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Message from the Chair:
Happy Canada Day and beyond!

We hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day long weekend, celebrating the birthday of our great country! Obviously, as current and former members and families, we recognize the importance of pride in Canada, and dedicate ourselves to service in Canada's name, at home and abroad.

Much of our ability to celebrate the diversity, multi-culturalism, freedom, opportunity and privilege we have is due to the courageous and patriotic service of our members, past and present, and especially the sacrifice of our fallen. 

Canadians continue to answer the call of duty when our Country asks. There are approximately 65,000 Regular Force and 25,000 reservist members in the Canadian military. As we know, not only do members serve overseas, the CAF also perform many other important domestic functions such as search and rescue, patrolling our air space and territorial waters, supporting anti-drug operations and helping out in the aftermath of  severe weather events and natural disasters. The Canadian Rangers, an element of the Reserves, provide a military presence in the sparsely populated areas of northern Canada. There are approximately 5,000 Canadian Rangers who provide support to domestic operations.

Canada, and the CAF, belongs to all the peoples of Canada. Ensuring inclusivity and respect for our members and their families helps us keep the CAF ready to meet challenges in an increasingly complex world. Recognizing and valuing the ways that our unique and diverse cultural, spiritual and traditional identities enrich our military ethos, and our ability to serve, is important. 

We celebrate our reputation as a nation of Peacekeepers, and our commitment to multilateralism. Our service and efforts across the globe position Canada with credibility, and establish us as a nation fighting not only for Canada, but for the common good of all the world's nations. 

The Toronto MFRC is honoured to have a mandate of supporting our current and former members and their families, enabling them to strength, resilience, confidence and capability. We stand proud to support our incredible Canadians who have dedicated themselves to a life of service to Country, and we count ourselves lucky to be able to celebrate Canada in all its facets! 

CAF members, veterans and families truly are the pinnacle of what it means to be Canadian, and we are thrilled to celebrate you and your service. We are proud to support and empower those who stand on guard, and keep us glorious and free!

Chair of the Board of Directors
July 2019

What We Do

The Toronto MFRC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, with a mandate of majority military family member representation, which reports through a governance and oversight structure to the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services Branch (CFMWS) through Military Family Services (MFS).

Board members are elected by the Community. We assess local needs, in order to avoid duplication of community services and resources, while determining priorities, providing leadership, and ensuring the mandated delivery of the national Military Family Services Program. The Board of Directors provides governance and oversight through the lens of proper support for our families, helping the Executive Director in setting strategic direction and guiding implementation of activities and programming.  

The Board welcomes new members! Are you a passionate advocate for military and veteran families? Do you want to help the TMFRC improve our offerings and meet our goals? Consider joining the Board!

We meet the third Wednesday of each month, at 6:00 pm, at the Centre. 
Unable to attend in person? We can accommodate you via phone/web!

Interested members may email the Board Chair at

Chair: Marsali Federico
Vice Chair: Jasmine Krlin-Quesnelle
Treasurer: Ann Ward
Secretary: Emily Callaghan

Zatoon Anwar
Marilyn Daniel-Awong
Marilyn Lawson-Dickinson
Reg Quesnelle
Simon Wells
Nicholas Mouchet

Ex-Officio Members
Executive Director, Toronto MFRC
Carolyn Clark

Commanding Officer's Representative​, representing the CO, 4 CDSG Personnel Support Services
Captain Kevin Brady, 4th Canadian Division Support Group Garrison Toronto

Other Local Unit Representatives
Major Robert Ryan, 4th Canadian Divison Headquarters
Lieutenant Cameron Rose, 32 Canadian Brigade Group
Master Corporal Patricia Coulas, Canadian Forces Environmental Medicine Establishment
Vacant, Canadian Forces College