Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision


Our Vision & Mission


The Vision of the Toronto MFRC echoes and augments that of our oversight and governance organization, Military Family Services.

The Vision of MFS is:
Strong, resilient families who enable a mission-ready force and who enjoy a quality of life comparable to other Canadian families.
The Vision of the Toronto MFRC answers the question, "If we do our work right, we will have...", and is:
Confident, capable, and resilient veterans, members, and families within the CAF community of the GTA.


Similarly, the Mission of the Toronto MFRC is an evolution of the Mission of MFS.

The Mission of MFS is:
To enable a mission-ready Force by addressing the issues faced by Canadian Armed Forces members and their families that result from military service.
The Mission of the Toronto MFRC is:
To provide effective, engaging, and encouraging support services to current and former CAF members and their families residing in the GTA, through the lens of the unique challenges and needs of the military lifestyle, empowering them to confidence, capability, and resiliency.


 In support of this Mission, the Goals of the Organization are:
  • To help families of Canadian Forces members manage the stresses associated with the unique characteristics of the military lifestyle.
  • To enhance the quality of life in the Canadian Forces community by supporting personal family and community development.
  • To foster the active and meaningful participation of Canadian Forces families, in particular, civilian spouses of Canadian Forces members in the development, delivery and evaluation of military family services.
  • To contribute to the operational effectiveness of the Canadian Forces by strengthening Canadian Forces families and communities.
We will achieve these goals by:
  • Ensuring the provision of a range of accessible, high quality services that respond to the needs of Canadian Forces families
  • Developing and maintaining partnerships that enhance our mandate
  • Promoting the visibility, awareness and use of the TMFRC services


The Toronto Military Family Resource Centre, under the governance of the Board of Directors is committed to:
  • Trust, Integrity, Transparency and Confidentiality
  • Openness and Welcome in all interactions
  • Responsibility to provide supports, programming and resources to our community
  • Outreach and Community relationship building, cultivation of partnerships
  • Nimbleness and Responsiveness to all client and community requests and needs
  • Tolerance and Respect for diversity and equality, in interactions and messaging
  • Operational excellence and professional service provision
  • Mental Health resources to veterans, members and their families
  • Family and Childcare programming – daycare and casual/emergency care
  • Recognition of employees, volunteers, members and families
  • Continuous Improvement of our services, supports, policies and procedures
To enhance and support these values, the Board and Employees of the TMFRC consent to abide by a strict Code of Conduct.