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Apply for Membership

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Please be advised that the Garrison Toronto Recreation Membership prices has increased as of 1 September 2018.  To view the updated prices, please click here.

The Toronto Garrison Recreation Council (TGRC) program has special value for the members of the CAF, their families and DND civilians. The Recreation Council at Toronto Garrison offers leisure activities and health promotion courses/workshops which encourages and fosters a well balanced program. This helps to maintain total fitness along with reducing mental fatigue tensions and frustrations which develop from the daily work stressors.

TGRC serves to accommodate our Military personnel but embraces and welcomes their dependents and DND civilians (eligibility to join TGRD is subject to CFAO 50-2-, A-PS-110/AG-002 AND QR & O 209.8 (3)(F)).  

To register for a Recreation membership card, please contact the PSP Fitness, Sports and Recreation office here.