Discipline That Teaches Without The Hurt

Discipline That Teaches Without The Hurt

Six Tips to Give Your Family a Fresh Start Beverley & Doone, The Parenting Network

As we're coming up to March break and with summer on the horizon, it's a good time to assess how the family relationships are doing. Are there more ups than downs? Hopefully so! To encourage the ups, we have pulled together Six Tips to Give Your Family a Fresh Start. Pat yourself on the back if you are already doing these!

1. Don't abandon your parenting approach to please an onlooker. Respond to your child’s behavior in a respectful and caring manner, without letting the judgment of others sway you.

2. If you're feeling stressed and overworked, quit the role you've created for yourself in the family and write a new job description that allows for contribution from others. Hold a family meeting and share a list of household responsibilities – let everyone choose what they'd like to be in charge of this week.

3. Start the daily habit of 3 Greetings with a Hug. A warm, loving greeting and hug first thing in the morning; when you reconnect after school or work; and as they head off to bed at night.  

4. Active Listen, and be empathetic when their choices don't turn out so well. Resist the urge to 'save them' when they struggle. It's a vital part of their learning and helps them develop even better judgment.

5.Create a child-friendly home where making mistakes is okay. Have a "best blooper of the day" contest at dinner time.

6. Communicate with your partner about parenting issues in private. Remember that your partnership is the primary relationship and provides the foundation for the family. Get the support you need to keep it healthy.

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