Colonel Parker, Geoff
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Colonel Geoff Parker The Royal Canadian Regiment

Date of Birth:        18 January 1968
Date of Passing:  18 May 2010
Age: 48

In service to Canada from 1989  to 2010.
Unit: The Royal Canadian Regiment


Colonel Geoff Parker joined the Canadian Forces under the auspices of the Regular Officer Training Program in 1989 while attending the University of Western Ontario (UW). Upon graduation in 1990, he completed his Infantry Officer training and was posted to the 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment (1 RCR) in 1991 (London Ontario). He moved with the Battalion to Petawawa in 1992 and deployed on Op HARMONY Rotation 5 as a Platoon Commander. While with 1 RCR, Lieutenant-Colonel Parker commanded a M113 rifle platoon, AVGP rifle platoon and a dismounted rifle platoon.

In 1995 he was posted to Belleville Ontario in support of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment as part of 3rd Battalion during its time as a "10/90 Battalion" and was posted back to Petawawa in 1996 with the return of 3 RCR to full regular status. While with 3 RCR, Colonel Parker performed the duties of Adjutant and Company Second-In-Command and deployed on Op PALLADIUM Rotation 3. While with 3 RCR he also completed both the Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff Courses.

In 2000, Colonel Parker was promoted to Major and posted back to 1 RCR as Officer Commanding B Company for two years and oversaw its conversion from the AVGP Company to a LAV III Company. Subsequently, he commanded Administration Company for a year and participated in the 2003 Brigade Training Event.

In 2003, Colonel Parker was posted to Toronto to attend the Canadian Forces College and upon its completion, returned to Petawawa as the G3 of 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (2 CMBG). During his time as the G3, 2 CMBG force generated three Afghanistan Rotations, including Task Force 03-06/1 RCR Battle Group, participated in the inaugural Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre serial and deployed the Disaster Assistance Response Team twice. Promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel in 2006, Colonel Parker spent a year as the Chief of Staff of 2 CMBG before posting to Gagetown to take command of 2 RCR.  Following which he was posted to Toronto, to join the staff of Land Force Central Area Headquartes, upon his promotion to Colonel.

He held a Bachelor of Engineering Science from UWO, a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master Degree in Defence Studies from the Royal Military College.

Remembered fondly by :
His two children Charlie and Alexandria.