Private Bismutka, Peter
Family Submitted Photo

Private Peter Bismutka 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

Date of Birth:        4 March 1921
Date of Passing:  7 June 1944
Age: 23

In service to Canada from 1941  to 1944.
Unit: 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion


Peter was born to Russian Immigrants Dmytro and Michelina who came from the Ukraine to Saskatchewan and mved to Ontario during the depression to seek a better life that didn’t come to be. Abandoned by their parents, his older sisters Anna and Sally and younger sister Natalie were left in an orphanage and raised in foster care.  Peter worked as a tailor's helper prior to his enlistement in the Canadian Army and completed parachute training at Fort Benning, Georgia, before going overseas and taking part in the "D-Day" invasion of Normandy.

Remembered fondly by :
His niece Peggy Chaplin.