Private Diplaros, Demetrios
Family Submitted Photo

Private Demetrios Diplaros The Royal Canadian Regiment

Date of Birth:        21 November 1984
Date of Passing:  5 December 2008
Age: 24

In service to Canada from 2005  to 2008.
Unit: The Royal Canadian Regiment


Private Demetrios Diplaros was born on November 21, 1984. He was the first born to Kathleen Smith and Jerry Diplaros. They had two more children Martha Diplaros and  Joanne Diplaros.

Demetrios and his sisters were raised by their mother and stepfather Kevin Smith. Kevin had three daughters that Demetrios always loved as if they were his sisters, Julia Smith, Patricia Smith, and the youngest Natasha Smith. He was the only boy, and oldest out of six kids, but you would never find him without a huge smile on his face. Unfortunately, Demetrios died before he could meet his half-brother Kevin Smith Jr., who was born in 2009. Demetrios is an uncle to Eric, Ellie, Kezia and Kayden.

Demetrios, also known as Demetri or ‘D’, grew up in Scarborough ON. Canada. Demetri always had a passion for helping anyone in need, even throughout high school. At his grade 12 graduation, he was awarded with the Leadership Award. He joined the army shortly after and became a proud member of 1RCR. He served 2 ½ years before he was killed in Kabul, Afghanistan on December 5, 2008 from an IED at 24 years old. Demetri is, and was, an amazing son and the world's best big brother. WE REMEMBER!

Remembered fondly by :
All his family and friends.