Warm Hearts Line Volunteer Making a Difference During Extended Absences

Warm Heart Line Volunteers are warm and caring individuals who are part of a confidential phone service that reached out to contact families who are living through an extended period of separation due to military requirements.  Warm heart line calls help to ensure that the families of Canadian Armed Forces members remain connected to, and supported by, the military family community, resources, programs, and services.

The ideal Warm Heart Line caller is someone with strong listening and communication skills, a knowledge of grief and its impact, and a knowledge of chronic pain.  This is enhanced, if possible, through a knowledge of the military community, fluency in a second language (especially French), and/or a comfort in talking about death, suicide, and loss.

For more information or to sign up please contact:
Joanne O'Connor at Joanne.OConnor@TorontoMFRC.ca