Deployment Support

Deployment Support


When the military member is away..

Are you receiving the support you need during your partner’s absence?

Learn about the Deployment Services. We will discuss the roller coaster of deployment and its effect on families. If your spouse has been away often, come and share your knowledge and experience with others.

Throughout their careers, Canadian Armed Forces personnel are required to serve time away from their families for a variety of reasons for varying lengths of time. The term "deployment" usually brings to mind images of Peacekeeping, although military personnel are deployed at other times as well – for operations and exercises, both domestic and abroad, and for extended periods of temporary duty associated with military courses.

The MFRC recognizes the significant physical and emotional demands placed on military families as a result of deployment or extended duty, and together with 8 Wing and National military authorities, provide a number of services designed to assist those who are coping with separation for whatever reason.  


Warm Line

The Warm Line Program is a confidential phone service offered to families who have a loved one currently away due to military duty. Trained and caring warm line volunteers who understand the military lifestyle and it’s ups and downs are ready to lend a compassionate ear. Whether you are looking for specific services or just need someone to talk to our volunteers are here to help!


For more information, please contact:

Rabia Stobbart, Deployment & Separation Coordinator

For CANSOFCOM families, please contact your CANSOFCOM Military Family Services (MFS) team by telephone at 613-392-2811 x 4081 or by email at