Parcel Service

Parcel Service


Parcel Service

Addressing Letters & Parcels 

Please address a letter/parcel to a deployed member in theatre in the following way:

Rank, Name, Units, last 3 service number
Camp / Section
PO Box 5xxx Stn Forces
Belleville ON
K8N 5W6

It is very important to address your mail to the proper unit / section. I.E., Camp Mirage, Camp Warehouse etc. We do not require a return address but we strongly recommend that you put it on all mail.

Morale Mail 

For letters and parcels, postage will not be required as long as the following guidelines are followed:

Correspondence must be dropped off at one of the following locations:
  • Astra Post Office at the south side, located behind headquarters building 142. CFPU driver will pick mail once in the morning and once in the afternoon
  • Canadian Forces Postal Unit (CFPU) building 348 at the north side beside the Canadian Parachute Centre (CPC) Support Coy
  • Military Family Resource Centre, behind the Canex. The mail is dropped off at CFPU daily


  • Clearly have an itemized list of contents written on the bottom left corner of the parcel. This must be done clearly and neatly.
  • Ensure parcels are under 20 KGS and within Canada Post Corporation regulation size.
  • Note: Letters and parcels may also be mailed at any Canada Post outlet; however you will have to pay regular postage rates.


If you mail your parcels via a Canada Post outlet, you will be required to properly fill out a CUSTOMS FORM and affix it to the item; remember this is a legal document that you are signing.
All mail sent overseas is subject to the host country’s customs inspection.
All mail returning from the members on deployment will be inspected and cleared by Canada Customs prior to entering the Canada Post mail stream to its destination.

Prohibited Items & Dangerous Goods

Many different items are illegal to send through the mail system. For a detail list, please contact your nearest Postal outlet. Here are the most common ones.
  • Tobacco
  • Intoxicating Beverages (all)
  • Firearms
  • Drug and other controlled substance
  • Explosive of any kind
Note: It is very important that if you send electronic items that you remove all batteries before sending them.

Frequency of despatches 

Parcels and all morale mail are despatched Wednesday and Friday morning via Commercial Air Line (CAL), this includes the following locations: CFPO 5002 Golan Height, CFPO 5048 Brussels, CFPO 5051 London England, CFPO 5053 Geilenkirchen, CFPO 5045 Naples, Italy, CFPO 5201 Sierra Leone (only on Thursdays). This means of transportation takes, on an average, between 10-15 days from Canada to theatre. The cut off time for all CFPO’s is the morning before by 10:00 AM. This cut off time is only a guideline. If you have parcels ready to ship, do not wait until the last minute, just drop them off to us anytime at any of our locations.

For Service Flight, depending on the flight schedule which changes daily, we are despatching to these CFPO’s via S/F: CFPO 5058, Afghanistan, most of the time on Thusdays (always via S/F), 5113 Camp Mirage on Thursdays (always via S/F) and 5210 Alert (always via S/F) normally once a week. When we are able to confirm an S/F, we will try to send all available mail on the S/F. Mail takes an average of 3-5 days, but due to Operation Commitments S/F is not very reliable.

Air Mail

Mail (letter size and oversize letter mail) is despatched daily, Monday to Friday, via CAL. The CFPO’s are 5045, 5048, 5051, 5053, and 5113.


If at any time you require assistance concerning your postal needs, please do not hesitate to call CFPU at 392-2811 Ext 4289/2237 and ask for the Operation Supervisor.