Support Services

Deployment Support Area
Deployment information, bulletin board, packaging table with supplies.

Deployment Information Package
Includes: A Family Guide to the Military Experience, with useful base and community resource information, and collected articles regarding deployment.

Family Information Line 
1-800-866-4546. Toll free, bilingual telephone service serving the families and loved ones of CAF personnel.

Warm Line
A confidential telephone service provided by volunteers to ensure that partners of military members remain connected to base resources and community services during deployment, extended duty and/or training.

Administrative Support
Available at the MFRC:
  • Mail drop off
  • Fax machine
  • Computer & printer
  • Internet access
Deployment Cycle Workshops
Pre deployment, post deployment, emotional cycle of deployment, reunion, reintegration, critical incident stress, effects of deployment on children.

Family Care Plan 
Your Family Care Plan is designed to ensure that you have a plan in place to care for your family in the event of an emergency callout, planned deployment or unforeseen situation.

Emergency Child Care Services
Assistance in finding emergency childcare and completing your family care plan. Limited funding available for emergency situations and up to 72 hours respite care during deployments.

Deployment Respite
A respite break may be available to you in the event your partner is away on deployment or training. Please contact Kendra Bickford for further details and approval:
  • (613) 392-2811 ext. 4582