Wing Hockey League

Wing Hockey League

The Wing Hockey League is designed for the more competitive hockey player. The league does not have body contact, but does include slap shots.  

Division A Champions- 436 SQN

Standing – Capt Ernst, Cpl Gervais, MCpl D`Entremont, MCpl Doherty
Kneeling – MCpl Archer, Capt Martin, Cpl Cheeseman

2017-WHL-Playoffs-Div-A- Results

Division B Champions - CAAWC 

Back row –  MWO Sewell, Sgt Moir, Pte Bois, Cpl Raddatz
Center row – WO Mailloux, Sgt Roach, Sgt Dickson with trophy, Capt DeSilva
Front row – Cpl Squires, Cpl Stein, Cpl Lawrence.

2017-WHL-Playoffs-Div-B- Results

Division C Champions - CJIRU#2

Back row - Cpl Richard, Cpl Boily, MWO King, MCpl Van Uden, Lt (N) Charron, Cpl Reynolds.
Middle row-  WO Dumoulin, Sgt James, Maj Dempsey.
Front Row- Cpl Carrier-Toussaint, Cpl Gauthier, Sgt LaForce.

2017-WHL-Playoffs-Div-C- Results