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FORCE Testing at 8 Wing CFB Trenton updates in response to CORVID-19

Ref: 3350-1 Op LASER 20-01 (P3 Ops & Plan)
In order for PSP Fitness and Sports at 8 Wing CFB Trenton to remain supportive to the objectives of readiness and preservation of the FORCE, PSP will offer FORCE Evaluations to only CAF personnel who are under the following situation;

  1. deployment
FORCE Evaluations will run Thursday’s at 10h00 and are to be staffed through your CoC to Kendra Lafleur, Manager Fitness and Sports at the below contact information.  The FORCE evaluation will be administered in the following matter until further notice; 
  1. CAF personnel will not demonstrate any signs and symptoms of illness, especially for COVID-19; 
  2. CAF personnel will be asked to go wash their hands prior to the start of the evaluation and as well respect social distancing amongst one another.  Please bring a clean towel which is to be used to wipe sweat in order to avoid hand contact with the face;
  3. The waist circumference will not be measured. This is in response to the direction of the Government of Canada of social distancing guidelines; and 
  4. CAF members will not receive a debrief after the evaluation given the inability to display the FORCE Fitness Profile and to honour the practice of social distancing. 

Note: A FORCE Evaluation with no waist circumference will not allow CAF personnel to be plotted on the Fitness Profile.  It will also prevent CAF personnel eligibility to the FORCE Rewards program.  Therefore, the FORCE Evaluation will only indicate if this member is operationally deployable/employable.  It will be indicated as met standard or did not meet standard in Guardian Human Resources management system.
Kendra Lafleur
Manager, Fitness and Sports
BB: (613)661-0003


Launching 01 Jan 2019
Eligibility: CAF Reg F or Class B Res F
First FORCE Evaluation of the calendar year; no re-attempts, no double rewards

For all other testing including SAR Tech; Firefighter; BFT’s and applicant evaluations or any general questions related to fitness testing please contact Brittany Denneny, Military Fitness Coordinator at or 613-392-2811 x3328