Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Military Fitness Programs & Services - Arena

Military Rec Plex Pool & Physio Program

The 8 Wing/CFB Trenton Fitness and Sports Flight offers many programs and services for the entire military community. A wide range of Fitness Classes, Health-related workshops, Fitness Assessments and Personal Training Instructors/Leaders.

For more information on these services, please contact the Fitness and Sports Flight at 392-2811

Military Fitness Coordinator-Brittany Denneny ext.3328  (fitness enquiries)

Facilities Coordinator-  ext.3372 (facility bookings)

Force Testing
Testing is offered Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s at 0800 for 0830hrs.  Bookings are to be made through your Unit Training Coordinator or at: 
 +8 Wing PSP FORCE Booking@CFB Trenton@Trenton

This includes:SAR Tech; Firefighter; BFT’s and applicant evaluations.
Members are to arrive to the South Side Gym NLT 30 minutes prior to their evaluation.  If you have any questions, information on the FORCE Program can be found at or you can email  the PSP staff
Military Fitness Classes
Fitness staff lead Unit PT classes every morning of the week for military members wanting to improve their fitness and/or prepare for an upcoming PT test.
Fitness Development Classes
Military Fitness Development Classes are offered at 1100 , 5 days of the week.  

Individual Fitness Programs 
Members are encouraged to visit to create a general fitness program. If a member requires additional guidance or a more specialized program they may contact the PSP fitness staff for further assistance.

CAF Physical Fitness Award For Aerobic Excellence 

A Canadian Forces program designed to recognize those military members who take part in regular aerobic exercise. Members have 2 years to complete 2000 units of exercise, at which time they will be presented with a scroll and seal. Members then progress throughout the higher levels of the program. The following activities are recognized within the program: swimming, jogging, skipping, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, ice or inline skating, walking, stationary or road cycling, stationary rowing, canoeing, kayaking, stair climbing and martial arts.
Register today at the Gymnasium and receive a complimentary Log Book for recording your points.