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DFit.ca is available to families and Veterans!
Since October 2012, DFIT.ca provides online operational fitness training plans and guidance to more than 28,000 registered Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members, both Regular Force and Reserve. Now in its third year, this unique tool launched by Personnel Support Programs (PSP) has been improved and updated, making the site more responsive to mobile devices, introducing more intuitive website design, and ensuring faster response times. ​

The DFIT.ca mobile Web platform now offers customizable fitness training plans, video demonstrations of hundreds of exercises, tips for injury prevention, nutritional information, and online training journals. DFIT.ca also features an online forum moderated by PSP Fitness professionals who can provide helpful training advice and feedback.

 "Physical fitness is a cornerstone of military operations and the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services take very seriously our duty to support the operational readiness of CAF personnel" says Commodore Mark Watson, Director General Morale and Welfare Services. "DFIT.ca puts evidence-based and operationally relevant individual fitness programs at the disposition of all personnel, whether they be here in Canada or in a remote location half way around the world".
With the aim of expanding its audience of users beyond serving military personnel, DFIT.ca for Families is a new online resource featuring general fitness and a more family-friendly, total lifestyle approach to active living. Special features include parenting tips focused on active living, online personal trainers, program discounts and coupons, diet and weight loss guides, and much more.

"Being active is a great way for families to spend time together and has so many additional benefits." says Colonel Dan Harris, Director of Military Family Services. "DFIT.ca is a resource designed specifically for our CAF members but offering this program to their families is a great opportunity for families to work together, and synchronize efforts to meet their family goals. There are many scenarios where the member is separated from the family and cannot participate in a program together. What better way than DFIT.ca to bring the family together!"

Using their CFOne card number, military family members, veterans and their families can access this new, valuable DFIT.ca module available for free until January 2017. Access to DFIT.ca is also available to all other categories of CFOne members (e.g.: NPF employees, DND public servants, RCMP officers, pensioners, and their families) on a paid subscription basis.
Visit www.DFIT.ca to register, or connect with your local PSP team for more information.