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FORCE Testing at 8 Wing CFB Trenton updates in response to COVID-19 as of 04 January 2021

FORCE EVALUATION IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19 - updated 04 January, 2021
Temporarily - PSP Military Fitness and Sports will provide mission essential Force Evaluations based on Chain of Command needs.  Seek authorization from your Chain of Command.  Requests should be emailed to:  
Kendra Lafleur
Manager, Fitness and Sports
BB: (613)661-0003


Launching 01 Jan 2019
Eligibility: CAF Reg F or Class B Res F
First FORCE Evaluation of the calendar year; no re-attempts, no double rewards

For all other testing including SAR Tech; Firefighter; BFT’s and applicant evaluations or any general questions related to fitness testing please contact our Military Fitness Coordinator or 613.392.2811 ext 3328.