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Fitness Testing


FORCE Testing at 8 Wing CFB Trenton

FORCE Evaluations run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 0830hrs. Members are to arrive at the Southside Gym NLT 30 minutes prior to the evaluation for registration.

Please contact your unit training coordinator to book, or email the +8 Wing PSP FORCE Bookings Account.

Please note this account is only accessible from a DWAN computer.


Launching 01 Jan 2019
Eligibility: CAF Reg F or Class B Res F
First FORCE Evaluation of the calendar year; no re-attempts, no double rewards

For all other testing including SAR Tech; Firefighter; BFT’s and applicant evaluations or any general questions related to fitness testing please contact Brittany Denneny, Military Fitness Coordinator at or 613-392-2811 x3328