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South Side Gym and RecPlex are currently closed.

Fitness and Sports - staff directory

Fitness and Sports Office (South Side Gym)
PO Box 1000 Station Forces 
Astra ON, K0K 3W0

Fitness and Sports Manager
Kendra Lafleur
613.661.0003 (cell)

Military Fitness Coordinator
Jocelyn Crothers
613.392.2811 ext. 3328

Fitness & Sports Instructors
Hayden Hillis
613.392.2811 ext. 2822

Kasey Andrews
613.392.2811 ext. 7411

William West Rockburne 
613.392.2811 ext. 7426

Military Sports Coordinator
Ryan Meeks
613.392.2811 ext. 2349

Reconditioning Specialist 
Return to Function Referrals
Trish Ptasinski
613.392.2811 ext. 4404

Fitness, Sports & Recreation Coordinator -  Alert
Marcus Sager
613.392.2811 ext. 3372

Facilities Coordinator 
Tyler Williams
613.392.2811 ext. 3206

Sports Stores Technician
Darrin Whaley
Melissa Cybulski
613.392.2811 ext. 2289

Sports Stores Services & Inquiries / 3rd Party Bookings
 +Sports Stores@CFB Trenton PSP@Trenton

Arena Superintendent 
Brad Doran
Arena and Sport Fields Bookings
613.392.2811 ext. 4110

Financial Management Clerk
Dawn Desarmeau
613.392.2811 ext. 4509

FORCE Evaluation Bookings
To book your FORCE Teststaff through your Unit CoC to Kendra Lafleur