Military Lane Swim at the RecPlex Indoor Pool


Military Lane Swim - register here!

PSP Military Fitness and Sports welcomes our Military members at 8Wing CFB Trenton to the RecPlex Indoor Pool
As you can imagine things will operate a little differently while we navigate through the next few months in an effort to keep you safe and healthy.  We appreciate your cooperation as we expand our services and opening our facilities. With limited space and a large military population to service we are required at this time to limit access of military lane swims to military members only, until further notice.  
The RecPlex Indoor Pool we have eight lanes all of which have one person maximum occupancy that must be respected in order to ensure your safety. Designated timings have been created. The high-touch areas in each lane will be cleaned in between members using these lanes.  User guidelines are below in an SOP.
weekdays Lanes 1 to 8  
1100-1200 BMSS Testing (Tuesdays Only)   BMSS testing
1200-1230 1 member Military lane swim
1230-1300 1 member Military lane swim
View our video for pool users. Book your military lane swim NOW!  Visit https://bkk.cfmws.com/trenton/pa/manage/facilities/index.asp to book your Miliary lane swim.
 A reminder:
  • Users must enter the RecPlex through the front entrance, and sign in on the contact tracing log;
  • A mask is required upon entering the facility and must remain on except when showering or swimming;
  • Check in at the front desk, showing DND ID;
  • All swimmers must shower in the change room before entering the pool deck;
  • Wait for your time slot in the designated space on the pool deck, placing belongings on the deck chairs provided;
  • When possible, bring your own swimming equipment (ie. Fins);
  • Bring your own water bottle-you may not drink directly from fountains;
  • No sharing of lanes with other members, nor socializing while in the pool;
  • Respect change room capacities, and limit your time in the facility before and after your booking; and
  • Adhere to all COVID-19 safety protocols posted within the facility.
Booking can be done online through the following site https://bkk.cfmws.com/trentonpub/facilities/index.asp.       
  1. The indoor pool is divided into eight lanes. Users will book 1 of the 8 lanes for 30 minute time slots. Only 1 user per lane is permitted.
  2.  Use the front entrance upon arrival to the RecPlex.  Please ensure you are wearing a mask and sign in on the contact tracing log as you enter the facility. 
  3. Check in at the front desk with the Recreation & Gym Services staff who will request to see your DND ID, and verify that you have a booking. 
  4. If you require a locker in the change room, the front desk staff will provide you with a marker to leave on the locker indicating that it has been used. 
  5. Change rooms are restricted to 3 users at a time. Please do not to arrive too early for your booking, nor spend more than 15 mins exiting the facility. 
  6. Social distancing (a minimum distance of 2m between individuals) must be maintained at all times.  This applies to staff and users.  Because flow of traffic does not permit for single direction, you are also required to wear your mask within the facility except when in the shower or in the pool. 
  7. All swimmers must shower in the change rooms prior to entering the pool. Only 1 user permitted in the shower at any given time. 
  8. Green squares on the pool deck bleachers indicate where users may wait for their swim booking to begin.  Lifeguards will inform users when they are permitted to access their lanes. 
  9. Chairs have been located at the end of each lane for users to place their mask and belongings (towel, etc.) while swimming.  
  10. Access is restricted to your registered lane only. Users are not able to move to different lanes throughout their session. Users are also asked to refrain from socializing while in the pool. 
  11. In consideration of others, should you have a change in plans, please take the time to cancel your booking in advance, thereby freeing up that spot for someone else. Cancellations can be made via the following means:  Rec Plex Front Desk: , or call x3361; or Fitness Staff: 8wingpspfitness@gmail.com 
  12. Please do not enter the facility if you are not feeling well. Should you arrive at the facility and be exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, which include cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat that is not related to a pre-existing illness or health condition you will be asked to leave and advised to self-isolate. 
NOTE:  These SOPs reflect current municipal/provincial/federal regulations, as well as 8 Wing/CFB Trenton policies, and will be amended/updated as required to reflect any change in said regulations/policies.

BMSS Testing- All BMSS evaluations are scheduled through Fitness Coordinator, Brittany Denneny. Bookings can be done through brittany.denneny@forces.gc.ca or ext 3328. 
  1. BMSS testing runs on Tuesdays at 1100 hrs.
  2. BMSS testing will be by pre-registration ONLY.
  3. Fitness Coordinator will send out BMSS preliminary instructions upon confirmation of registration. 
Physio Swim – All physio swim bookings are scheduled through Reconditioning Specialist, Trish Ptasinski. Booking can be done through reconditioningpsptrenton@gmail.com cc: trish.ptasinski@forces.gc.ca 
  1. Physio Swim will run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1300-1400.
  2. Physio swim participation will be by pre-registration.
  3. Physio swim participants must be referred to physio swim by Physio, MO or TC, or be enrolled in Reconditioning and have swim as part of their program.
  4. Trish will send out physio swim SOP’s to registered participants upon registration.