Military Lane Swim at the RecPlex ALBATROSS Outdoor Pool


Military Lane Swim

PSP Military Fitness and Sports welcomes our Military members at 8Wing CFB Trenton to the RecPlex Outdoor ALBATROSS Pool
The RecPlex Outdoor, ALBATROSS Pool has six lanes all of which have one person maximum occupancy that must be respected in order to ensure your safety. Designated timings have been created. The high-touch areas in each lane will be cleaned in between members using these lanes.  User guidelines are below in an SOP.
weekdays Lanes 1 to 6  
1100-1200 BMSS Testing (Tuesdays Only)  BMSS testing (TBC)
1200-1230 1 member Military lane swim
1230-1300 1 member Military lane swim
Booking can be done online through the following site (instructions below)

SOP - CFB Trenton PSP ACCESS Albatross Outdoor Pool (Effective July 2021)

  1. Military Lane swim is scheduled Monday – Friday 12h00-13h00.
  2. Pool is divided into six lanes. Members will book 1 of the 6 lanes for 30 minute time slots.
  3. Upon arrival at the Albatross Outdoor Pool check in with the Lifeguard and inform them you have a booking to lane 1-6.
  4.  A minimum distance of 2m between individuals must be maintained at all times.
  5.  Access is restricted to your registered lane only, you are not able to move to different lanes throughout your session.
  6.  There is no access to the RecPlex. Mod tents are available for changing. Please plan accordingly.
  7.  Please arrive in appropriate swim attire with a non-medical face mask.
  8.  A non-medical mask is required to be worn on the Albatross Pool Deck when not directly engaged in physical exercise.  
  9.  All patrons should arrive for their session no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the  time, but no later than five minutes prior to.    
  10.  You will utilize the hand sanitizer provided prior to entering and when exiting the Albatross Pool Deck.
  11.  In consideration of others, we would also ask, should you have a change in plans, that you take the time to cancel your registration in advance, thereby freeing up that spot for someone else. 
  12.  Please do not come to if you are not feeling well. Should you arrive at the pool and be exhibiting symptoms of COVID 19, which include cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat that is not related to a pre-existing illness or health condition you will be asked to leave and advised to self-isolate. 
  13. NOTE:  These SOPs reflect current municipal/provincial/federal regulations, as well as 8 Wing policies, and will
Physio Swim – All physio swim bookings are scheduled through Reconditioning Specialist, Trish Ptasinski. Booking can be done through reconditioningpsptrenton@gmail.com cc: trish.ptasinski@forces.gc.ca .
  1. Physio swim participation will be by pre-registration.
  2. Physio swim participants must be referred to physio swim by Physio, MO or TC, or be enrolled in Reconditioning and have swim as part of their program.
  3. Trish will send out physio swim SOP’s to registered participants upon registration.

CFB Trenton PSP COVID Pool Booking

Resumption of military lane swim at the Albatross Outdoor Pool now requires a registration completed via CAF Connection on Bookking.                  

  1. Visit CAF Connection Trenton Fitness and Sports and Select Albatross Outdoor Pool – Reopening Booking instructions and details. 
  2. After reading the reopening instructions click the highlighted link to go to the online booking system. https://bkk.cfmws.com/trentonpub/facilities/index.asp 
  3. This will take you to the facility page of the online booking system (See Step 1).
  4. “You will create an account for BOOK KING, our online booking registration system.  You may already have an account.  To set up your account now, click here. If you have an account, click here to sign in.” 
  5. As above, you can create an account for Bookking or log on with an existing account. 
  6. To create an account click Create and New Account followed by Create an Individual Account. 
  7. Enter all the required information (marked in red text fields). At the bottom left, answer the security question and hit the NEXT tab. 
  8. An activation email is then sent to the email you provided, check your junk folder if you do not see it.
  9. Click on the link in your email to activate your account. 
  10. This will bring you back to the Bookking page, click on the Facility tab in the task bar.
  11. In the top left corner click the Request/Book Facilities tab. 
  12. On the left side of your screen, click the lane you wish to register for and select a space (Eg lane 1). There are 6 lanes available per half hour. 
  13. Once you click and area and space you can hover over the date you wish to book on the calendar to your right.  It will show you the timings that are already booked.  If you are looking for a 12pm timing and it does not show up when you hover this means it is available and you can click on the date to register your spot.  If the 12pm timings shows when you hover, this means it is booked. 
  14. Click on the date you wish to book. 
  15. Highlight the time you want and hit the Add Select button on the bottom right. 
  16. Hit continue which brings you to the summary. Scroll to the bottom, print or email this “invoice” as your confirmation by hovering over the action button and selecting print or email. 
  17. Continue making bookings by returning to the search tab.  Rules to note:You can only reserve spots within the upcoming seven days.You can only reserve one spot per day. 
  18. Booking requests should be made online whenever possible, however, staff at the front desk of the Rec Plex may be able to assist you in-person or on email/phone with booking a spot as a walk-in (if space is available), or assist you with making future bookings. 
  19. If you are having difficulty booking a spot online, and/or if you are unable to attend one of your registered timings please contact one of the following for assistance, or to cancel your spot(s):
Rec Plex Front Desk:email comm.recreation@gmail.com, or call ext. 3361; or
Fitness Staff: dawn.desarmeau@forces.gc.ca, or call ext. 4509
Video (not available on DWAN): How to register at the Rec Plex
Account setup and booking is not compatible on mobile devices.  If patrons are having trouble connecting to BK from the CAFConnection platform, have them cut and paste the BK link into their browser.