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Programs and Services

... The South Side Gym is open by appointment. Visit the South Side Gym - register now page to book your session.

Programs and Services

Update on the South Side Gym

As 8Wing CFB Trenton slowly and safely resumes operations, we are working with Base Command Teams on our Business Resumption Plans.  Plans have been developed to meet operational demands while ensuring the safety of employees and CAF military members.

Currently, the South Side Gym is closed.

Currently, our PSP Fitness and Sports Team are offering FORCE Evaluations for mission essential operational needs only (please, seek Chain of Command approval); daily noon-hour virtual workouts via Facebook; National live workouts of 12 classes virtual workouts daily starting at 0700hrs via CAF Connection;  reconditioning consults and programming are available viturally, and for an appoint contact; and sports stores are closed.

Watch for our updates on Facebook at PSP CFB Trenton and CAF Connection website.  Thank you for your patience.

Military Fitness Programs and Services

Unit classes ar canceled at this time.

Virutal Platforms:
- Facebook
- 8 Wing CFB Trenton Youtube Channel
- National Youtube Channel

FORCE Evaluations
Currently, FORCE evaluations are cancelled, and available for mission essential operations only.  If you have any questions, you can find more information regarding the FORCE Program at

Individual Fitness Programs 
Members are encouraged to visit to create a general fitness program. If a member requires additional guidance or a more specialized program they may contact the PSP fitness staff for further assistance.

CAF Physical Fitness Award For Aerobic Excellence 
A Canadian Forces program designed to recognize those military members who take part in regular aerobic exercise. Members have two years to complete 2000 units of exercise, at which time they will be presented with a scroll and seal. Members then progress throughout the higher levels of the program. The following activities are recognized within the program: swimming, jogging, skipping, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, ice or inline skating, walking, stationary or road cycling, stationary rowing, canoeing, kayaking, stair climbing and martial arts. Register today by emailing