The South Side Gym is closed.



The CAF Sports Program contributes to an active and healthy lifestyle, and enables CAF personnel to play and compete at their highest possible level. The CAF Sports Program, through the demands of training and competition, contribute to the overall effectiveness of the CAF.
Competitive sports are an integral part of the continuing training and development of members of the CAF.  The objectives of the CAF Sports Program are to be met through sport skills instruction and participation in team and individual sports competitions

The primary objectives of the CAF Sports Program are to: 
  1. Promote and develop physical fitness, health and mental well-being;
  2. Develop unit cohesion, team work, morale, pride and identity; 
  3. Instill a high degree of esprit de corps and camaraderie;
  4. Develop individual attributes such as leadership, perseverance, self-discipline, self-control, self-esteem, confidence, warrior spirit and a general respect for all participants;
  5. Provide the opportunity for all members to develop their physical potential;
  6. Provide the opportunity for members to participate in highly skilled, competitive and organized athletics; and 
  7. Motivate military athletes and teams to achieve higher standards of proficiency and strive for excellence.