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What is Health Promotion?
We are a team of 5 professionals providing Morale and Welfare Programming in specific core program areas to include: Nutritional Wellness, Addictions Awareness, Active Living & Injury Prevention and Social Wellness.

Our programming is delivered through the Strengthening the Forces mandate to a demographic of Military members, spouses, dependents, DND employees, and NPF personnel. We are part of the Personnel Support entity of Canadian Morale and Welfare Services. Join us in a complimentary course or workshop today!

Strengthening the Forces (STF) is the CAF's health promotion program which is designed to enable CAF members to increase control over and to improve their overall health and well-being.  Good health is essential to the well being of CAF members and to the operational effectiveness of the CAF. Maintaining a high level of health improves one’s ability to perform effectively and safely on CAF operations, and to enjoy a high quality of life.

STF programs are available, free of charge to all CAF members, DND employees, NPF employees, CAF spouses and dependants (over 18yrs). The local Health Promotion team has a mandate to deliver STF health promotion programs and services, identifying and addressing the specific needs and issues of the 8 Wing/CFB Trenton community.

Where is Health Promotion Located?
We are located on the South Side of 8 Wing in PSP Headquarters, directly south of the MIR.

​Bldg. 119, 177 Hercules Street
PO Box 1000 Stn Forces
Astra, ON, K0K 3W0
Phone: 613.392.2811 ext 3768
Fax: 613.965.3033 Email:

Who is Health Promotion?

Health Promotion Administrator
Joanne Lamoureux
613.392.2811 ext 3768

Manager of Health Promotion
Lisa Refausse
613.392.2811 ext 4122

Health Promotion Specialist
Brenda Riddell
613.392.2811 ext 3767

Health Promotion Specialist
Cindy Tromp
613.392.2811 ext 5429

Health Promotion Specialist
Caroline Vivian
613.392.2811 ext 3079