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"I've decided to quit, now what?"

Research shows that the best success rates come from a combination of behaviour modification, group support, and medications to help reduce nicotine withdrawal and increase cessation success.

BUTT OUT gives specific guidance to help change behaviours associated with tobacco use and also provides essential support for individuals who want to quit using tobacco.

You may be eligible to get nicotine replacement therapies or medications at DND expense if you participate in BUTT OUT.

BUTT OUT at CFB Trenton is an individual format and only requires one meeting with a BUTT OUT facilitator to register for the program.

How do I get registered?

You must meet with both the Medical Officer AND a Health Promotion Butt Out facilitator to be inducted into the Butt Out Self Help program. Here are the suggested steps:

  1. Make an appointment to meet with the MO. They will discuss cessation medications and write a prescription if necessary (prescription is not required for patch or gum).
  2. Make an appointment to meet with a Health Promotion Facilitator to receive support, materials and to set a quit date. Call our Admin for an appointment 613-392-2811 x3768 or email us.
  3. Pick up your medications using your chit that will be provided by the Butt Out Facilitator.

How does BOSH work?
The BOSH program is 12 weeks in duration from the start of your quit date. So AFTER you have met with the MO and BO Facilitator we track your progress through emails.

You will be emailed after your initial registration and then bi-weekly starting quit week. Your responsibility is to reply to those emails with a short update. This keeps you current in the program.

After week six (6) we require a final short questionnaire to evaluate our program and delivery. From there your information will be protected B documents.

For more information on BUTT OUT or other Health Promotion programs and services, please contact your Health Promotion Office.