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Managing Angry Moments (MAM)

Managing Angry Moments (MAM), is designed to increase personal performance by assisting participants on dealing with anger generating situations in an emotionally non-reactive way.

The purpose of the MAM workshop is to examine and address issues of anger (while they are still manageable) in order to prevent the possibility of their escalation to physical or verbal aggression. It is designed to meet the needs of a non-violent CAF population.

The expected outcome for participants who complete the MAM workshop includes, improved relationships in the workplace, at home and in the community, enhanced team cohesion, more effective problem solving skills and reduced levels of stress and anxiety when faced with anger generating events and circumstances.

MAM is NOT a treatment process. MAM is a curriculum-based educational process utilizing adult learning principles in an interactive learning environment.  MAM is not structured to encourage emotional expression and ventilation involving uncontrolled aggression.

  • Understanding Anger
  • Self-Assessment-What is my relationship to Anger?
  • Beliefs and Triggers
  • Managing yourself in Anger provoking situations
  • Managing Conflict with Others
  • Review and Practice of Skills Learned
  • Spirituality and Forgiveness
  • Preventing return of Old Unproductive Behaviors

For more information on Managing Angry Moments (MAM) or other Health Promotion programs and services, please contact your Health Promotion Office.

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