S.P.I.N. Gardening Workshop

S.P.I.N. Gardening Workshop

26 June, 0830-1030hrs

What is SPIN gardening?
It is not...

It is not...

It is Small Plot Intensive Nutritious Gardening

It is about growing food not lawns.
It is about planting fruits and vegetables amongst your flowers.
It is about using containers and other available spaces to grow food.
It is about companion planting.
It is about being sustainable.
It is about growing food so good and nutritious that you are the envy of high-end bistros.
It is about growing food so you know where it comes from.
It is about teaching your family and kids.
It is about so much more that you just need to join us!


Thank you for your participation!

18 Space(s) Available. Waitlist: 0 of 5 filled.

18 Space(s) Available.

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