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Top Fuel for Top Performance

Want top Performance? Go for Top Fuel!

Military members and athletes have a lot in common in their quest for top performance. Top Fuel teaches the proper steps in assuring your body performs at an absolute best. It is vital that you regularly supply your body with nutritious food.

Timing is everything
A critical period occurs right AFTER activity. Recovery nutrition prepares you for your NEXT physical challenge. It promotes muscle repair, glycogen (energy) storage and mental alertness. Does your recovery plan replenish protein, carbohydrates, fluids and electrolytes?

Protein and Carbs
After training your muscles are primed for growth and repair. So ideally within 15 - 30 minutes, fuel up with foods to give lots of carbs (50 - 100g) and adequate protein (10 - 20g). Eat a balanced meal within 2 hours (or snack every 2 hours until your next meal).

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