Box of fresh vegetables

Good Food Box


Good Food Box

The MFRC is partnering with the Community Development Council to bring you the Good Food Box and the Good Baby Box. This opportunity is available to everyone in Hastings and Prince Edward County.

CDC's volume discount buying makes it possible for participants to stretch their food dollar and helps to meet the nutritional needs of their family. The more participants we have, the better price CDC can negotiate for the groceries. Your participation will help keep costs low and ensure CDC is able to continue to offer this program to everyone, especially those who depend on it to feed their family.

See the brochure, available at the MFRC, for more details. Please note that the list of contents for each box is a sample only and is subject to change. The aim of the CDC is to provide fresh nutritous food at a reasonable price. Contents will depend on what items are available for a good price and what produce is in season.

Your Good Food Box must be picked up the afternoon of the pick-up date listed below. The MFRC does not have refrigeration for the boxes. If a box is left behind for longer than 36 hours it will be donated to another party. No refunds are issued in this instance.

Please register for your box at the MFRC reception anytime up to the dates below by 3:30 p.m. Payment (cash or debit only) must accompany registration. Please bring your own bags to pick up your produce.



Registration Date Pick up Date
January 8th January 16th
February 12th February 20st
March 12th March 20st
April 9th April 17th
May 7th May 15th
June 11th June 19th
July 9th July 17th
August 13th August 21st
September 10th September 18th
October 8th October 16th
November 12th November 20st
December 10th December 18th

Also the Good Baby Box is now available at the MRFC.

For more information or sample list of contents for the boxes.