RV Storage

RV Storage


RV Storage Compound

The RV Storage Compound is located on Lawrence Drive, in the heart of the PMQs.

The RV compound is available for rent to CAF members, retired pensioned military, full-time civilian employees and pensioned DND public servants.  Members of the general public are not eligible to rent space in the RV Compound. 
In order to rent space, members must be the registered owner of the item being stored.  Valid photo ID must be presented, along with vehicle ownership or registration when renting space.

The PSP Community Recreation Association, located at the RecPlex, manages the compound on behalf of 8 Wing. Cost for space in the compound varies from $10.00 to $20.00 per month.  This is dependent on the size of the lot chosen and the category of the member.

Access to the compound is gained by signing out a key.  Two keys to the compound are available from the Military Police section 24/7.  Two additional keys may be signed out from the RecPlex during our Reception Counter's hours of operation Monday to Friday 0700hrs-2000hrs; Saturday 1230hrs-2000hrs; and Sunday 1230hrs-1600hrs.  Please note that in order to sign out a key from the MPs, the member must present their Paid in Full rental agreement.  If a member's contract has expired, they will not be permitted to sign out the key until full payment is made at the RecPlex.

The storage compound is currently FULL.  
You may place your name on a RV Compound Waiting List. Due to the limited space and demand for the RV Compound, the RV Compound Waiting List is only open to serving CAF members only.
For more information please contact:
613-392-2811 ext. 3361/7138