Refund Policy

Refund Policy for Programs Only

1. Program refunds will only be authorized in the following cases:
  • due to medical reasons;
  • in cases where a family member is deployed; or
  • due to a posting.
2. Refunds for medical reasons must be supported by a letter from the Doctor.

3. Requests for refunds as a result of a military member being deployed must be supported by a deployment message.

4. Requests for refunds due to a posting must be supported by a posting message.

5. All authorized refunds will be subject to an administration fee of $ 5.00 plus HST.

6. Refunds for camps will be subject to an administration fee. 

7. Requests for refunds once a program will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Memberships will not be refunded.

9. In order to receive a refund, the requesting member must submit their original receipt to the Community Recreation Association. 

10. The refund will be remitted only to the member whose name appears on the receipt.

11. All refunds will be administered in the same tender as was used when registering for a program.  Cash refunds will be available for pickup at the RecPlex reception within seven days of submission. In some cases, refunds less than $ 500 may have to be refunded by cheque. In cases such as this, a refund by cheque may take upwards of 14 days and will be mailed directly to the member’s home address.

12. No refunds will be given for private swim lessons or any other one-on-one programs services - no exceptions.

13. No program credits will be given.

14.Substituting of participants in programs is not permitted.