Teens with their arms aruond each others shoulders

Children & Youth

Rainbows for All Children Canada is the largest not-for-profit organization in Canada helping children grieve and grow after loss. If your child is suffering the effects of divorce, separation or death in the family, they may be confused and angry, or revealing their pain by acting out in inappropriate behaviour or withdrawing in unhealthy ways. Rainbows for All Children Canada offers a proactive solution to this dilemma. Find out more about Rainbows through your local Military Family Resource Centre, or by calling Rainbows at 1-877-403-2733.

Program availability at MFRCs may vary by location.

The Mind’s the Matter
Teens living with a parent or other family member with an OSI may need help learning how to cope. The Mind’s the Matter…Understanding a Family Member’s OSI offers a series of eight web-based, interactive videos specifically for teens. Through the videos, teens will learn about OSI and how having a family member with an OSI can affect their everyday family life. Topics range from communications skills to feelings, parental anger, teen depression, understanding changing family roles, dealing with angry thoughts and controlling angry behaviour.

To request a DVD copy of The Mind’s the Matter please email info@CAFconnection.ca.

Personnel Support Programs
Personnel Support Programs (PSP) offers high quality, innovative recreation programs in each CAF community to provide families, individuals, children and communities with quality leisure experiences, innovative programming and recreational facilities that meet their needs. Over 500 different types of recreation, leisure and sports activities are offered. PSP Recreation Departments are registered HIGH FIVE organizations with comprehensive quality standards for children’s sport and recreation, built on five principles of healthy child development.