CAF members - JumpStart funding available ... now open!

Jumpstart - Empowering every kid to play!

“Giving kids the opportunity to access sport and play is essential for their growth and development, which is why Jumpstart funds a variety of different sports and activities all with the goal of giving all kids the chance to discover their passion.”

Since 2005, the Jumpstart program has provided financial assistance to families in need, to help give access to all kids to participate in sport and play. In June of 2021, Jumpstart introduced a simplified registration and enrolment process for CAF members to apply for funding, which is based off the Canada Child Benefit grant.

CAF members interested in Jumpstart funding need to apply directly with Jumpstart, following the below steps:

1. The Jumpstart Individual Child Grant Application can be found on the Jumpstart website (

2. New users (anyone that has not applied for funding in 2021) should click Register and follow the instructions to set up their family account.

3. Once you have set up your account, you can apply for funding:

a. Click Grant Applications;

b. Click Individual Child Grant;

c. Before you start, click Safe Draft at the bottom of the page;

d. On the Eligibility Page, complete all of the questions, and answer Yes to the question “Do you have extenuating circumstances”;

e. In the text box, explain your circumstances (financial challenges directly related to military lifestyle) and indicate that you are a member of the Canadian Armed Forces;

f. Ensure you attach a copy of pages 1 and 2 of your most recent Canada Child Benefit (CCB) statement to support your extenuating circumstances.

g. Continue the application by completing all required fields and submit.

Questions specific to the grant can be directed to Jumpstart at their ‘Contact Us’ section on their website.