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Community Recreation - Staff Directory

Community Recreation Office (RecPlex)
21 Namao Dr
Astra, ON
613-392-2811 x3361
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South Side Gym
75 Anson Ave
Astra, ON
613-392-2811 x7138
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Acting Front Desk Supervisor
Kathy McGrath
613-392-2811 x3662
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Acting Community Aquatics and Recreation Coordinator
Meghan Enwood
613-392-2811 x3348
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Acting Program Coordinator Youth, Recreation & Leisure Activities
Amy Dawson
613-392-2811 x5230
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Facilities Coordinator 
Tyler Williams
Facilities bookings and management
613-392-2811 x3206
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Sports and Recreation Coordinator
8 Wing Sports Teams & Travel including Clubs
Caroline Houle-Laporte
613-392-2811 x2349
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Arena Manager 
Arena and Sport fields bookings
613-392-2811 x3372